The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!

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Baca dekat tajuk entri hari nie pun korang dah tahu fasal ape aku nak ceritakan.. Aku nie boleh dikatakan memang dah gila-gila tunggu cerita nie... Habis semua episod cerita nie aku dah download tau... The Twilight (2008), The Twilight Saga 2 New Moon (2009), The Twilight Saga 3 Eclipse (2010), The Twilight Saga 4 Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011), semuanya dah completed sehh aku download...

Tapi, yang aku menunggu sekarang nie ialah The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)! Tak sabar nak tengok yang Part 2 nie.. Aku tengok Trailer dia pun dah tau yang Part 2 nie memang best! Err, Err, sebenarnya, aku dah download Breaking Dawn Part 2 nie, tapi bukan Bluray + Full HD lah.. Tak suka lah tengok yang bukan Bluray + Full HD... Tak feelingg... Hahah!

Ada yang tak tahu ke cerita apa The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 nie? Okay-okay.. Korang boleh baca sinopsisnya dibawah:

Bella awakens from her transformation from human to vampire, not only keenly aware of her new abilities, but also of changes within the coven as Jacob has imprinted on her child, Renesmee. It appears Charlie (Bella's father) has been attempting to contact the Cullens for updates on Bella's illness. They intend to tell him she didn't survive, which requires that they move out of Forks, Washington to protect their identities. Jacob, desperate not to lose Renesmee, tells Charlie that his daughter is in fact alive and well, and transforms into a werewolf before Charlie to demonstrate the Bella has had to change in order to survive (although not into a werewolf).

Several months pass uneventfully, with Carlisle monitoring Renesmee's rapid growth. On an outing in the woods, a bitter Irina sees Renesmee from a distance, as the girl levitates to catch a snowflake from a great height. Because of this, Irina believes Renesmee to be an "immortal child" (a major violation of the Volturi laws, as immortal children are changed too young to be taught or controlled), and immediately goes to the Volturi to report the Cullen coven. The ever-vigilant Alice has a vision that the Volturi are coming after Renesmee and warns the rest of the Cullens. Shortly afterward, Alice disappears with Jasper, leaving behind a short goodbye note.

As the Volturi gather their army, the Cullens gather witnesses to attest to Renesmee's natural childbirth and half-human parentage. Although initially appalled and reluctant to associate themselves with an immortal child, many of the Cullen's friends realize this is not the case and side with them upon meeting Renesmee. In their preparations for the Volturi's arrival, it is discovered that Bella has a special ability: a powerful mental shield, which she can extend to protect others, with practice.

As some of their potential witnesses are attacked and prevented from coming to support the Cullens, Carlisle and Edward finally face the reality that they may have to fight the Volturi despite their efforts to do otherwise. Some witnesses hesitate, but ultimately agree to stand with them in battle. The Volturi arrive, led by Aro, who is eager to obtain the gifted members of the Cullen coven as part of his guard. Although Aro is persuaded that Renesmee is not an immortal child, he still insists she poses a risk. Alice and Jasper appear to attest to the existence of other children like Renesmee. After showing Aro a vision of the future, Alice realizes that he will not change his decision. Chaos breaks out and a battle ensues. Both sides undergo heavy casualties, with Aro and most of the Volturi dying. However, the battle is revealed to be Alice's vision, which would come to pass if Aro continued his pursuit of Renesmee. Two more witnesses then arrive: a fully grown vampire-human hybrid and his aunt, proving Renesmee is not a threat. For the sake of self-preservation, Aro orders his guards to retreat.

Back at the Cullen home, Alice gives us a glimpse into the future: Edward and Bella together with Jacob and a fully matured Renesmee. Edward reads Alice's mind and feels happy that Renesmee has Jacob to protect her. Alone in the meadow, Bella finally allows Edward a peek into her thoughts and as the final lines of the novel read, "And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever."


Dah baca? Baca Synopsis pun dah menari kan? Jadi, apa kata tengok Trailer dia pulak?

Kalau korang ada link download movie The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012) nie, share-share lah yerk... ^_~

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